Fancy new game in the works

2015-12-30 06:40:43 by scuddle

It's still a very big WIP, but it's coming along very nicely. Here's some in game shots showcasing the Inventory and first pair of enemies.



Tentakewl T-Shirt Design

2013-06-04 22:38:44 by scuddle

I've modified my latest piece of art and turned it into a beautiful new T-Shirt. I'm loving it a lot right now. .3.
Available @

Tentakewl T-Shirt Design

Facebook, Website, and Merch.

2013-04-23 09:19:25 by scuddle

This is my facebook page. 998757
If you like my work, give it a like. c:
It'd mean a lot.

In addition, my website is now official.
Check it out! :D

In an additional addition, I'm making T-shirt designs and stuff. Those can be found here.