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It was a little entertaining at the start.
However, the voice actors didn't really show any kind of emotion.
The animation was nice. I noticed lots going on in the background (suicide, parking car, etc) and I found that to be really neat.

But I gotta say, the constant beeping, absolutely ruined it for me.
If you're gonna go overly vulgar (I'm looking at you, "ABC song") don't censor yourself.

But yea, I stopped at that song. I just couldn't stand hearing an annoying beep every few seconds. I don't find excessive vulgarity funny either, but that's just me.

artistunknown responds:

It's a shame you stopped when you did, because it get's better after that. And about the censoring, the point is to make it feel like it's on TV, of course this is kind of useless on newgrounds, but meh, I have my own personal preferences. The voice actors didn't put much effort because the voices were recorded well over two years ago.
Well, at least you like the varying things going on in the background. I didn't think anyone would notice those little tidbits. I promise the next episode will be better (really after this one the writing gets so much better, although it gets more vulgure :/). Hopefully you'll try to watch the next one when it comes out, but nonetheless, thanks for the review.

I can't believe how much I've improved since this...lol.
I gave a good effort tho. :p

Well, I certainly wasn't expecting that, lol. However, The animation is pretty choppy and the sound doesn't match up all that well. (Particularly the walking, or hopping I guess.) It's also only a few seconds long, so yea :/
It's a nice attempt tho.

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It was a fun game. There wasn't too much of a challenge tho.
There also was a glitch with the part where you fall into the hole in the ground. You can click on the rocks below and it will play the climb animation even after you exit the hole.

The art was still very nice and the game was well designed.

So simple, yet truly fantastic. I love it.
There's so many subtle animations and options.


It's an interesting take on the original game.
I really enjoyed the graphics. The retro style and sounds reminded me of Lone Survivor. My only qualm was the walking animation was pretty limited.
Gameplay was alright. Was there another key or something? It seemed like there was nothing I could do to stop my sanity from dropping once slender showed up.

Overall I give it a 3/5.
Nice work. Keep it up.

Brunodev responds:

Thank you, yeah, there was no other key, I mean, eventually you'll became insane, its the point of the game. We tried to make it have a high rate of re-playability, if you decide not to walk at all, Slender will not disappear taking something like 500 of your stamina, but if you keep walking it will randomly disappear which will be your shot into finding more notes. Rest, run away, get notes =).

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Magnificent song. I liked it a lot. c:

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